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IP Proficiencies: Trademark Matrix 

05-18-2020 14:04

  1. The IP Proficiencies Trademark Matrix was developed by CLOC’s IP Committee to help legal operations professionals who support their company’s trademark and copyright operations.  The Matrix includes proficiencies related to Technology, Process, People, Policies, Third Party Support, and Enforcement / Monetization of IP. 


Legal operations professionals can use the IP Proficiencies Trademarks Matrix to: 

  • Identify existing and desired competencies in the areas of Trademarks and Licensing 
  • Benchmark the organization’s maturity level against other IP legal departments 
  • Focus on specific information, tools, and tasks that will help mature the IP operations function. 

The IP Proficiencies Trademark Matrix was presented at CLOC’s 2019 Las Vegas Institute in May 2019.  The IP Committee would like to acknowledge the hundreds of hours of volunteer time that it took to develop, vet, and present the IP Proficiencies Trademark Matrix. Thank you to: Melanie Carmosino, Frances Allen, David Brightman, Chris ChaudoirAnnya Dushine, Tina Elsner, Brent Harris, Adam Jaffe, Jennifer Karr, Stephanie Sanders and Sam Wiley. 

If you have comments or questions on the IP Proficiencies Trademark Matrix, please reach out to the IP Committee Chair. 


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